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Welcome to RADEN Soldier!Welcome to RADEN Soldier!
We're currently waiting on official word from EA that a new game in the Red Alert Universe is in our future. Mark Skaggs (now an ex-EA producer) had mentioned about it back in December of 2004. But it's been quiet since then. So we'll just have to sit tight and wait for word from the main camp. Hopefully in 2006 there will be an announcement. For now, help yourself to the many downloads we have available for Red Alert, Red Alert2, and Yuri's Revenge!...Lion

Another RADEN first! RVMECH's new co-op campaign for Red Alert 2 titled Appalachian Action. Download this 5-map campaign HERE!

Tuesday - December 13, 2005

FlyingZ Mission/Map Pack!
Tue - Dec 13, 2005, 9:41 am [EST] posted by Lion

YR Maps icon

Good stuff from FlyingZ!

Creator: FlyingZ (various players)
-Name: FlyingZ Mission Pack
-Info: In this mission pack are four 'Survival Maps' in which you have to help each other survive devastating and relentless AI assaults. Also included are two converted (multiplayer) RA2 missions and one converted YR mission. Two humans can play together in the RA2 missions, and up to three humans in the YR mission. Check the included readme file for more details.

You can also get more info and see pictures at FlyingZ's website HERE.

Download FlyingZ's Mission Pack HERE.

Yuri's Revenge 'Minigame'
Tue - Dec 13, 2005, 9:36 am [EST] posted by Lion

YR Maps icon

Wasn't sure what category to place this I put it in the YR missions section.

Creator: Nuc134r14 (2-3 player)
-Minigame map name: Kill All Apocalypses
-Info: This is a modded 'minigame' map in which your objective is to destroy all apocalypses. Up to three players can join in on the fun. There's loads of money crates. Check the included readme file for more info.
-NOTE: This map requires the Terrain Expansion Pack to play it correctly. You can download it HERE.

Download this YR minigame map HERE.

New YR Maps
Tue - Dec 13, 2005, 9:31 am [EST] posted by Lion

YR Maps icon

I added three new maps for Yuri's Revenge today...

Creator: NC (2 players)
-Map name: Soviet Invasion TX
-Info: This is a small and detailed New Urban map. There are two modded oil derricks. They are your ONLY source of income, so guard them well. Check readme file for more info. NOTE: This map requires the Terrain Expansion Pack to play it correctly. You can download it HERE.

Creator: James R. (2-8 players)
-Map name: Rufrky's Bay of Pigs
-Info: This is an Urban map. An 8-player version of Bay of Pigs. Lots of detail. Adequate ore/gems. Water for your navy. Tech goodies up for grabs. Good room to build.

Creator: Mirage708 (2-4 players)
-Map name: Defend or Conquer
-Info: This is a temperate no frills map. A large map designed for team play. Players are separated by water/cliffs. Modded oil derricks. Adequate ore/gems. Lots of room to build and expand.

Download these new Yuri's Revenge maps HERE.

New RA2 Maps
Tue - Dec 13, 2005, 9:23 am [EST] posted by Lion

RA2 Maps icon

I added two new maps for Red Alert2.

Creator: JaynAsh (2-4 players)
-Map name: Urban Isolation
-Info: This is a nicely detailed Snow map. Plenty of ore/gems. Tech goodies up for grabs near player starting locations. Water for your navy. Buildings to garrison. Good amount of room to build. Fun map for skirmish play.

Creator: Snapper (2 players)
-Map name: Downtown
-Info: This is a Temp/Urban map. Two land masses separated by water. Bridges provide access. Plenty of ore/gems. Water for your navy. Tech goodies available. Good amount of room to build.

Download these new RA2 maps HERE.

Sunday - December 11, 2005

CNC Nuked V0.68 Released
Sun - Dec 11, 2005, 6:22 pm [EST] posted by Lion

mod news icon

The CNC Nuked website announced the release of a new beta version (V0.68) of their mod for Yuri's Revenge.

New version features:
- Psychic Cruiser
- Fixed some bugs (cheap war)
- Emperor Tank (stolen yuri tech)

Saturday - December 10, 2005

Strike Team Hosts XWIS Online
Sat - Dec 10, 2005, 7:18 pm [EST] posted by Lion

Community icon

I received the following news bulletin from the Strike Team.
The new detailed XWIS Online Page is now hosted and linked on Strike Team. It features more details on hosted games available including standard map names (for RA2, YR and TS). If you click on the player/clan you will be linked to the specific XCL ladder information for the player/clan. Click on the different Servers available at the top of the page to see who is online on your favorite CNC game.
And for those new to online play, all Command and Conquer games formerly supported by EA/Westwood Online are redirected through XWIS, thus instituting XWIS as the main online game server management team. Games supported are Red Alert, Red Alert2, Tiberian Sun, Renegade, Dune 2000, Nox, and Emperor: Battle for Dune. And of course any expansion packs that went along with the games.

Tuesday - December 6, 2005

ModDB Golden Spanner Awards 2005
Tue - Dec 6, 2005, 6:13 pm [EST] posted by Lion

mod news icon

Mod Database, a site with over 3,200 active game mods listed, has kicked off their gala Golden Spanner Awards for the year 2005. During this time, all mod profiles show a big ‘vote now’ button. Members & guests recognise the mods they like by simply pressing the vote button. There are of course many Command & Conquer mods listed at ModDB. So if you have a particular favorite, see if it's listed on ModDB and then go show your support by voting!

Saturday - December 3, 2005

Sat - Dec 3, 2005, 10:21 pm [EST] posted by Lion

YR Maps icon

Just in time for your weekend gaming, I added a new THUMBS UP map created by Othalla! Second time this week he's received a thumbs up I might add.

Creator: Othalla6 (2-6 players) 
-Map name: White Noise (Morceaux Series)
-Game: Yuri's Revenge + Terrain Expansion
-Info: Very nicely detailed Snow map. Features several lakes, and cliffs to set up choke points. There are buildings available to garrison. Players all start off with an Ore Refinery and America Air Force Command HQ. Plenty of ore and pockets of gems scattered about. Lots of room to build and expand. This map was made using the Terrain Expansion Pack. You MUST download it to play this map properly. You can get it HERE.

Download Othalla's new YR map HERE!

White Noise (YRTX Map)

New DEN Network Poll
Sat - Dec 3, 2005, 9:34 pm [EST] posted by Lion

DEn News icon

New poll question asks: Which do your prefer? Multiplayer Online or Single Player Skirmish? I've always been of the opinion that the majority of people who buy RTS games play alone for one reason or another. The reasons of which I won't go into at this time. And it's obvious that my DEN websites are geared towards the player who spends the majority of his playing time in SP Skirmish mode. Hence the reason I focus on user created maps and post about all of the mods being developed in the C&C Community. Will they make you a better player? Probably not, but maps and mods add variety and spice to your gameplay, which in turn equates to FUN. And in the end, having fun IS what it's all about.

Now the results from the old poll Q which asked: Will you buy the C&C: The First Decade special 12 game pack when released? Thanks to all who voted. Much appreciated!

[1105 votes total]

-Yes (549) 50%
-No (298) 27%
-Undecided (258) 23%

Tuesday - November 29, 2005

New YR Mods in the Works...
Tue - Nov 29, 2005, 10:35 pm [EST] posted by Lion

mod news icon

CNC Guild has posted news about some new Yuri's Revenge mods that they are now hosting. For those of you who enjoy following the progress of mods, check out the links below.

-BioIndustrial (YR)

-The Third War (YR)

-Apocalypse (YR)

XCC GameSpy Update
Tue - Nov 29, 2005, 10:24 pm [EST] posted by Lion

Community icon

XCC GameSpy is a utility that can record Red Alert 2 multiplayer games. And there's a new version available for downloading. It's creater Olaf stated the following concerning the update... "an installer has been included and the view menu has been extended with commands that were previously only available via a key." You can grab the download from XCC.

New YR THUMBS UP Map Pack!
Tue - Nov 29, 2005, 10:52 am [EST] posted by Lion

YR Maps icon

I added a new Thumbs Up map pack today. Nice maps here folks. Well worth the download. You'll enjoy them!

Creator: Othalla6
-Map pack name: Othalla (Morceaux) Map Pack
-Info: This map pack contains three well designed and detailed maps. Includes Temperate and New Urban. All of the maps contain water for a navy and are Island themed. All of them offer up something different. Nice map pack worth downloading.

Click on the map pack pic below, then head HERE for the goodies!

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